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Highly Pigmented!!

This company has so much future! They do care! ❤️

Need a higher rating than 5 stars

I am so in love with this palette.the colors are gorgeous it blends so beautifully and the pigment is incredible a little goes forever and a day. Ignore my face in some of the pictures but it wears so freaking beautifully lasts all day no touch ups without primer. My bf was deployed and I mentioned this to him once during a phone call and one day I got it with a note saying happy anniversary. I used this palette the day he came home and it’s virtually smudge proof because it lasted through me ugly crying and everything. My absolute favorite palette to use. Can’t wait to get their other one. If you buy this you will not be disappointed


I just received my Valentine palette and the pigmination is great. I haven't used it yet but the swatches were great.


I love this palette, it is so beautiful and easy to work with. It is a wonderful addition to my eyeshadow collection. Plus, this company has got the MOST SPECTACULAR Customer Service!! If more companies emulated The Valentine Palette CSR they would gain more customers and loyal customers! There aren’t enough adequate words to describe their products or their Customer Service. Thanks!!!! ❤️

Awesome starter set!!!

I usually use Morphe but....I reallly enjoyed this so much that I.even got my.niece a set!!!! I love them!!!!

This is amazing

Oh my , The Valentine Palette is AMAZING !! So pigment , buttery and blend well. I hesitated to buy this palette and I sooo regret it. Don't Hesitate you'll love it it's so good and pretty !! ❤ the brushes were Prefect . I have to say the brushes are the BOMB they even have a small tampered brush to get into the spaces you can't with the bigger brushes. Idk I LOVED everything I bought and will be buying more in the future.....

Love the Palettes.

Amazing colors that have very good pigmentation and stay on! I have the Scarlett one as well. I receive so many compliments. All colors work well with each other which is why is a great deal. You can get many looks with them. Good value! I recommend highly. FYI - I'm 50 and when I wear the colors, they ask if my teen children do my makeup! Great present as well the price is right! (I have ordered 3) Another good note: you will receive it within a few days and any problems, just return or swap. It's the real deal.


Very colorful pallete. And customer service was great. Sent another after my first one came busted.


Love the brushes soft and work very well

Another BOMB Palette <3

I have this, and the Scarlette palette and I am in total love with both of them!! I've been using them everyday since I first recieved them! Theyre so pigmented and so easily blendable! So fun to work with & the shades are absolutely stunning!!

This palette is BOMB!!!

I just recieved the Scarlette palette and I am so stoked! The pigmentation is amazing and every shade is so blendable! I am in total love! I definitley recommend this whole brand!!!!

Meet All Expectations

I got mine Scarlett and Micaela love both pallets cant wait to Create a stunning Summer Makeup look.

The best

Am in love with it, it really worth every penny

Amazing colors!!!

Love the intensity of the colors and the minimum fallout!! The price point on these is great and they’re gorgeous!!


Beautiful colors. Very pigmented and easy to blend. Easily my favorite palette

Love it

Lov3 it also had the Scarlet palette love and brush set and 50 percent off wish I could have got the other palettes and hate it will not be more products

Must have for your collection

I can not says Enough good things about this pallet. I was kind of skeptical in the beginning because this is a brand that I could not find a lot of reviews on, however I am so happy that I went ahead and ordered it. It blends beautifully and the colors are so gorgeous this is a must must must have for anyone who is into bright beautiful pink’s and who loves to just color outside the lines.

Beautiful palettes with pinks oranges and melons

Great colors I've been looking for a pallet with all of these colors in it nice deep pigment doesn't powder down your face stays on your brush until you put it on your eyelid really nice quality doesn't powder down your face stays on your brush until you put it on your eyelid really nice quality great


Gorgeous palette. The colors are so vibrant. Valentine has definitely delivered again! Ready to slay!

Badass!!!!! love

Order this !!! It’s awesome!!!!

Awesome palette!

I purchased this palette last week and it's great! Lovely shades, great variety, very blendable. I can't wait to purchase the original Valentine palette :-)

Perfect Pink Purple Palette

Very pigmented!!! I love it! Perfect mix of Matte and Shimmer well worth the price!!!


I was not prepared for how beautiful these colors are in person. Super pigmented shades that blend better than butter. After a long day of work my lids were still vibrant. I’m purchasing clothes to match the colors in the palette so that I always have a reason to use it!

So good!!

I love this palette. One might say it’s perfect for fall... however, I love some warm tones all year long!! If you like a warm eye look, this is the palette for you! I love the color scheme, pigmentation, and blendability.

There’s a few dark shades that aren’t as easy to work with as the others but it doesn’t bother me. Just, if you wanna use the dark colors, give yourself a little extra time or wet the brush to build up the pigment.
The shimmers are to die for though.

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes!

This palette is stunning! The gorgeous berry shades are perfect for complimenting my blue eyes! The pigmentation is AMAZING and the shades are all very blendable. I've been showing this palette off on my social media for a few months now in my makeup looks and just the palette itself and I've only gotten 100% awesome feedback! I would greatly recommend this palette to any makeup lover!!